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Width Adjustable Sheet Roll Forming Machine


The width adjustable sheet roll forming machine was designed to produce exactly the same profiles but with different covering widths,which means the raw materials with different widths will be available to be roll formed by this roll forming machine. Generally, there is no cutting device required for the width adjustable sheet roll forming machine,so the raw materials are the finished cut sheets according to required lengths,and before roll forming, there are feeding guide and a ribs forming rollers.

Technical Parameters for Width Adjustable Sheet Roll Forming Machine:
Material: PPGI;
Material Width: 914mm-1220m (36”- 48”)
The thickness of Coil: 0.3—0.6mm (23-30ga)
Structure of the custom profile roll forming machine: One side of the machine is adjustable to fit different widths of materials (36” & 48”) automatically;between the left and right inside rollers, the auxiliary rubber rollers equipped.
Forming speed: 8-10m/min inside, 3-5m/min outside
Forming steps: 18 stations
Bracket: welded with 36 # H-steel
Material of Shafts:45# steel
Diameter of Shafts: 50mm
Material of Roller: high quality 45#steel with tempering treatment and surface coated with hard chromium 0.05mm.Thickness of Siding Plate: 18mm
Transmission: By 1.0” chains-brackets;
Motor Power: 5.5 KW (Siemens Motor)
Adjusting Motor for Width: 1.5KW;
Control: Electrical Control Box