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Two-in-one Cold Roll Forming Machine


We can design and build 2-in-1 profiles roll forming machine,3-in-1 profiles roll forming machine, and 4-in-1 profiles maximum roll forming machine, but that depends on the final required profiles.Usually the profiles produced on the all-in-one metal forming equipment are not very big profiles, because the roll forming equipment will be designed to be loaded into a 40'container which allow the widths 2100mm maximum.With all-in-one roll forming machine,there is only 1 control unit and 1 cutting unit with different cutting.

Technical Parameters for This two-in-one cold roll forming machine for roof batten & ceiling purlins:
Decoiler Type: Manual Decoiler
Weight Capacity Of Decoiler: 1 Ton
Material: Galvanized Steel Coil
Material Thickness: 0.4-1.2mm
Roll Diameter:70mm
Forming Roller stand: 14 stations;
Roller material: 45# steel coated with hard chrome.
Forming Speed: 8-12 m/min
Dive Type:1.0”Chain of transmission
Machine Frame stand: Wall Plate Structure
Thickness of Wall Plate:18mm
Drive Motor: Famous Chinese Brand
Main Power: 5.5KW
Machine Diameter: about6500mm(L)x600mm(W)x1000mm(H)
Weight of machine: about 5.6 Ton
Cutting type: Hydraulic cutting
Hydraulic power: 4 Kw
Hydraulic Blade and cutter material: Cr12 Steel, quenching process
Cutting length tolerance: +/-2mm
Voltage: 380V, 3 Phase 50Hz
Electrical control system: Japanese Panasonic PLC Board
Encoder Frequency Control System: Omron Brand
Touch Screen: Panasonic Brand
Transducer: ABB
Size of PLC Control Board:700mm(L) x300mm(W) x1000mm(H)