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Top Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine


Usually roof ridge cap roll forming machine is necessary if you use step roof tile roll forming machine to produced the glazed roofing tiles. The finished products manufactured by the roof ridge cap roll forming machine will be used to cover the 2 sides of glazed roof tiles on the top roofing of a steel building. Sometimes we use bending machine to produce very simple roof ridge caps or roof flashing,but most of time we will use roof ridge cap roll forming machine to make the step top roofing ridge caps so that the metal tile can be well connected.

Technical Parameters for Roofing Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine:
Material width: 385mm
The effective width: 284mm
The thickness of Coil: 0.3—0.5mm
Application: wall sheet and roof sheet
The overall dimensions: 6800mmX1100mmX1300mm
Total weight: 3.5 Tons
Main Power: 5.5 KW

The Components of the Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine:
Manual uncoiler
Feeding Guid
Roll Forming Machine
Hydraulic Punching/Pressing Tool
Hydraulic Cutting system
PLC Control System
Runout Table

Introduction Of the Parts for Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine:
Uncoiler: Manual Uncoiler
Inner diameter : 508--610mm
Outer diameter: 1200mm
Loading weight: 5T
Forming speed:3—5m/min
Forming steps: 14 stations
Bracket: welded with 36 # I-steel
Material of Shafts: 45# steel with rough finished and then refined finished.
Diameter of the Roll: 60mm
Material of Rolls: high quality 45#steel coated with hard chromium 0.05mm
Processing Technology: rough processing ---refined processing--Hard Chromium Plating.
Material of Rack: complete welded structure of A3 steel plate 18 mm thicknesses.
Main Motor Power: 5.5 KW (FROM SIEMENS)
Transmission: Transmitted by the chain-bracket.
Material of Chain: 45#steel with heat treatment of HRC45-50°
Holders under chain for lubricant.
Material of cutting blade:Cr12 with quenched treatment 60-62
Hydraulic Power: 5.5 KW;
Cutting system: Hydraulic cutting.
PLC Control and frequency converter are Siemens from Germany.
Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3phase
Automatically measure the length and quantity