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Roof Valley Flashing Roll Forming Machine


Our roof valley flashing roll forming machine will produce the roof flashing (or ridge flashing) which is a little bit different from the roof ridge cap.that has different steps while roof valley flashing will be flat. The raw material for our roof flashing machine is usually the galvanized steel or painted steel because zinc treatment covers the steel completely, creating a continuous outer armor to ward off rust and other corrosive elements. Utilizing galvanized metal as a valley liner creates a virtual gutter under the shingles, preventing valley leaks.

Main Components for the Roof Valley Flashing Roll Forming Machine:
Manual Uncoiler;
Feeding Guide;
Roll Forming System;
Transmission System;
Hydraulic System;
PLC Control System;
Run-out Tables

Technical Parameters for the Roof Valley Flashing Roll Forming Machine:
Material width: 305mm
The effective width: 284mm
The thickness of Coil: 0.2—0.5mm
Forming speed:10-12m/min (Standard Speed)
Forming steps: 14 stations
Diameter of the Roll: 60mm
Material of Rolls: high quality 45#steel coated with hard chromium 0.05mm
Material of cutting blade:Cr12 with quenched treatment 60-62
Cutting system: Hydraulic cutting.
The overall dimensions: 6800mmX1500mmX1300mm
Total weight: 3.5 Tons
Main Power: 4 KW