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PU Rolling Shutter Slat Production Line for 77 & 91 Profile


We have 2 kinds of different pu rolling shutter slat production line based on transmission type,chain-brackets transmission and gear-box transmission machine. The chain-brackets transmission lines are highly popular in developing countries while the gear-box transmission lines popular in developed countries.This pu rolling shutter slat production line mainly produces the insulated pu rolling shutter slats with 77 & 91 effective width without punching holes.

Components of the PU Rolling Shutter Slat Production Line for 77&91 Profile:
3T Manual Uncoiler
Feeding Guide
Transmission parts
Roll Forming Machine
Heating Device
Foaming Machine
Fly-saw Cutting
Control Parts
Penumatic Stacker

Technical Parameters for PU Rolling Shutter Door Machine Line:
Manual Uncoiler
Weight capacity of decoiler:3 Tons
Suitable Material:Galvanized Steel Coils or Aluminum Coils.
Material Thickness: 0.3-0.5mm.
Top and Bottom layer are galvanized steel or aluminum, and in the middle is the PU.
Products: 77mm OR 91mm.(One line makes only 1 profile)
Roll Stations: 33 stations
Forming Speed: 10—12m/min
Material of Roller: 45# Forged Steel coated with hard chrome, and some rollers made of GCR15 steel with quench treatment.
Diameter of Shaft: 55mm
Transmission: Gear-boxes.
Main Power: 7.5KW
Length tolerance:±2mm
Cutting Power:3KW
The dimensions of the line:28mx1.5mx1.4m
The total Weight of the Line: 6 Tons