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Metal Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine


The structure of the step roofing tile roll forming machine is simple,which applies the section structures welded with each other after whole processing, and the roller of the step roofing tile roll forming machine was precise processed from the the high quality No. 45 forging steel, and after that they were coated with hard chromium on the surface, so that the roller skin hardness is high, smooth, and the surface of the raw material will be prevented from scratches.

Layout of step roofing tile roll forming machine:
Decoiling→Feeding→Roll Forming→Hydraulic punching→Hydraulic cutting→Runout Table

Technical Parameters of step roofing tile roll forming machine:
Manual Uncoiler:
Coil inner diameter: 450mm-510mm
Max weight of loading: 5 Tons
Thickness of Material: 0.3—0.6mm
Width of Material: 1200mm.

Step Roofing Tile Roll Forming Machine
Roller Stations: 16 stations
Forming Speed: 3—5m/m.
Material of shaft: 45# steel.
Diameter of shaft:70mm
Material of roller: 45#steel Polished and coated with chrome 0.05mm
Main Power: 5.5 KW
Installation dimension about(L*W*H):8.2m*1.5m*1.5m
Total weight: Appro.7Tons
Voltage:380V/50/60HZ/3 phase

Hydraulic Pressing & Cutting and Electrical Parts
Hydraulic station power:5.5kw
Material of Cutting Blade: Cr12 steel through heat treatment with HRC58-60
Material of Pressing Mould: Press Module Material: 40GCr
Control: PLC Control Box, touch screen,frequency converter.