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Hydraulic Auto Decoiler,Hydarulic Auto Uncoiler


Hydraulic auto decoiler,automatic uncoiler is necessary for a roll forming machine with high speed (more than 15m/min) because the manual uncoiler will drag the leg of speed, while commonly we provide manual uncoiler free of charge together with the roll forming machine customers ordered, and the manual uncoiler can do the job well for non-highspeed roll forming machine (less than 15m/min). Manual uncoiler works manually,i.e, rotation with no power and pulled by the roll forming machine, and expansion with manual forces.

5Ton Hydraulic Decoiler Without Coil Car
Hydraulic decoiler: active uncoiling,hydraulic to expand
Weight capacity of decoiler:5 tons
Width of steel coil (Max): 1250mm
ID: φ470-φ620mm;
OD: φ1500mm Max.
Material of main shaft:40Cr
Motor power of decoiler: 5.5 KW
Hydraulic motor power:4 KW
Uncoiling speed: 0-12m/min
Capacity of hydraulic station: 40L
Hydraulic system pressure: 6.3MPa
Pneumatic pressure: 0.8Mpa.

10Ton Hydraulic Uncoiler/Decoiler With Coil Car
Motor power of uncoil:5.5 KW
Power of hydraulic expansion:5.5KW
Inner diameter of coil: 508mm.
Outer diameter of coil: φ1220mm.
Weight of coil: 10T
Width of sheet:1250mm
Speed of uncoil: 0--12m/min Max.
Hydraulic system pressure of uncoil :6.3Mpa
Coil car stroke:2.5m
Pressure of hydraulic system:6.3Mpa