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Double Layer Roll Forming Machine


A double layer roll forming machne, as its name indicates, can produce two different metal roofing sheets as the same machine, with no need to change any rolling tools, and other names may be known as double deck roll forming machine,double sheet roll forming machine or dual level roll forming machine. This duoble layer roll forming machine can make two roof or wall cladding roll forming machine, or it can make one trapezoidal sheet, and the other corrugated sheets, and some times one layer can make glazed roof tile and the other layer metal roofing sheets, but two layers cannot run at the same time.

Technical parameters of the double layer roll forming machine:
Uncoiler: Manual Uncoiler
Inner diameter : 508mm
Outer diameter: 1250mm.
Loading weight: 5T
Material width: 762-1250mm;
Material thickness: 0.3-0.8mm;
Forming speed: 8-12m/min.
Forming steps: 16-18 forming stations on both layer;
Bracket: welded with 36 # H beam A3 steel;
Material of Shafts:45# high-quality steel;
Diameter of Shafts: 70mm;
Material of Roller: high quality 45#steel coated with hard chrome 0.05mm.
Thickness of Siding Plate: 18mm
Transmission: by chain-brackets;
Material of Chains: 45#steel with heat treatment: HRC45-50°
Motor Power: 7.5 KW
Material of cutting blade:Cr12 with quenched treatment 60-62
Hydraulic Power: 4-5.5KW
Cutting Length and Quantity: Clients can set the required length and quantity on the PLC touch screen
Control system: Panasonic PLC Control system,touch screen, frequency converter
Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3phase