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Cross-moving Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine


This cross-moving type strut profile roll forming machine would produce 2 different sizes of strut channels without changing anything,but a simple pressing on the control switch. This whole line includes uncoiling,leveling,punching,roll forming,hydraulic tracking cutter and pneumatic stacker which are controled by a PLC control system and will be working fully automatically. Safety fence/barriers and cooling system are also assembled on the machine for safety issues.

Flowchart of Strut Profile Roll Forming Machine,Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine for Reference:  
Decoiling—Leveler—Servo Feeding—High-speed Punching Machine—Feeding Guide—Roll Forming—Hydraulic Cutting—Runout Table.

Technical Parameters of Strut Profile Roll Forming Machine,Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine:
Raw Material: Cold Rolled Steel Coils or Galvanized Steel Coils;
Material Thickness: 1.5mm & 2.5mm;
Material Width: 100mm & 140mm;
Profiles: 21mm*21mm & 41mm*41mm;
Leveller: 7 Rollers (3 rollers top & 4 rollers bottom);
Feeder: Auto Servo Feeder;
Pressing: High-speed pressing machine;
Main Structure of the Machine: Cassette Type.
Rolling Stations: 2*18 stations. (2 stations let blank for client to design Labeling & Serration tools)
Forming Speed: Appr.15m/min. Max.
Diameter of Shaft: ∮80mm
Material of Shaft: 45# steel with tempering treatment.
Material of Roller: Gcr15 Bearing Steel with heating treatment after CNC processing.
Transmission of Machine: Gear-boxes and Universal Joint Shafts.
Structure of the roll formers: Cassette type;
Main Power: 2*30 KW
Motors: Siemens motor
Transmission of gear boxes: 1”double-roller chains;
Connection between the gear-box and Roller: Universal-joint Shafts.
Cooling/Lubricant system will be used to keep the rollers in better running condition.
Safety Covers will be used for both roll formers;
Hydraulic Tracking Cutter: Cut without stopping;
Materials of Cutting Die: Cr12MoVsteel;
Hydraulic Power: 7.5KW;
Control: Siemens PLC Control system;