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Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine for W Beam Guardrails


The crash barrier forming machine,w beam guardrail roll forming machine is built with the latest advanced top technology and experiences to special for highway guardrail,crash barrier,road beams or road guards production. This crash barrier forming machine,w beam guardrail roll forming machine,transmitted by chain-brackets, is equipped with high durability and convenient management, and the fabricated products are rigid without damage on the surface, and it is easy to install. The Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine,W Beam Guardrail Roll Forming Machine consists of Un-coiler that inputs and releases coil,Leveling Device that make the coil flat, Punching Unit that produces the holes or slots on the coils, Roll Forming Unit that forms shape through multi-stage forming roll, and Shearing Unit that cuts and bends the fabricated roof panels.

Specifications of Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine,W Beam Guardrail Roll Forming Machine:
Manual Uncoiler
Loading Weight: 5 Max.
Thickness of Material: 2—3mm.
Width of Material: 480mm.
Levelling machine: 7-roller levelling with 70mm roller diameter
Punching machine:Using type Yl32-315 hydraulic puching machin with 4 pillars.
Hydraulic pressure power: 11kw
Material of blade: Cr12MOV Steel with Quenching treatment
Forming Station: 15 stations.
Forming Speed:8—15m/min.
Material of Roller: GCr15 steel with tempering and quenching treatment coated with hard chrome 0.05mm.
Dia. Of Shafts: 90mm.
Transimission of Machine: by 1.5” chain-brackets.
Thickness of Siding Plate:18mm.
Power of Main Machine: 18.5kw.
Material of Shaft: 40Cr steel with high-frequency quenching treatment.
Dimmension of main machine: 12000mm×1000mm×1300mm
Weight: 12 Tons.
Hdraulic Cutting device
Material of cutter blade: Cr12MoV steel with quenched treatment.
Control system:Panasonic/Siemens PLC Control, LCD screen,touch screen, frequency converter
Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3phase
PLC Console: 700mmx1000mmx300mm