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Cantilever-Type Custom Sheet Roll Forming Machine


This cantilever-type custom sheet roll forming machine can handle with materials with different widths and make different patterns according to requirements by changing different rollers.This cantilever type custom profile roll former is equipped with 12 roller stations each side and when making simple profiles, some roller stations not required will be lifted.The raw material will be fed into one side of the roll former manually and then into the other side of the roll former after the first side of the material was roll formed.

Specifications of Cantilever-type Custom Roll Former:
Roller station:12 station
Forming speed:8—10m/min
Material of Roller 45# steel with electroplating treatment
Dia. Of Roller:70mm
Material of Shaft: 45# Steel
Thickness of Side Plate: 20mm
Material of Main body construction: 36# “H” Profile Steel
Transmission Type: by1.0”Chain
Main Power:5.5 KW
Tolerance of Length: +/-2mm
Dimension of the machine(LXWXH): 4600mmx500mmx1200mm
Weight of the Machine: 3tons
Runout table: 3m*2 pcs
Material of runout table: Cr12 Steel

. This cantilever type roll forming machine was built exactly according to the regulations of CE mark for the machinery.
. All the installation will be conformed with CE.
. All the engines will be alternating current
. All the wires of the machine will be properly protected into suitable tubes.
. Power 400V/240V +/-10%
. Frequency: 50 HZ
. Total power once installed: 5.5kW.