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C and Z Purlin Quick-change Roll Forming Machine


This c/z purlin quick-change roll forming machine can produce C&Z Profiles only by simple stepless adjustment without requiring changing rollers.The c&z purlin quick-change roll forming machine works automatically, with the steel sheets punched cut and roll formed exactly according to the length, quantities, punched holes and holes distance that the clients set on PLC Control cabinet.Under the PLC computer control system,this c/z purlin quick-change roll forming machine is driven by a reducer motor and frequency converter.

Technical Parameters of C/Z Purlin Quick-change Roll Forming Machine,C&Z Purlin Roll Former:
Uncoiler: Hydraulicl Uncoiler
Power: 5.5KW
Speed: 10-15m/min;
7-Roller Leveler: 3 rollers up and 4 rollers down with no power.
Leveling Thickness: 1.6mm to 3mm.
Diameter of Leveling Roller: 70mm.
Two pairs of feeding guide units (Turkey handle): Clients can adjust the size of required profiles by operating the rotation flanges.
The Max punching thickness: 3 mm.
Materials of Punching Molds: Cr12 steel with quench treatment.
The Max Cutting Thickness: 3mm.
Materials of Cutting Die: Cr12steel;
Rolling Stations: 17 stations.
Forming Speed: 10-15m/min. (not including cutting and punching)
Diameter of Shaft: ∮70mm
Material of Roller: Gcr15 Bearing Steel with quenching treatment.
Main Power: 22KW (Subject to the final design).
Width Adjusting Motor: 3kw.
Overall Dimensions: 11800mmx1750mmx1500mm
Weight of the machine: appro.13 Tons.
Siemens PLC Control System and Omron Encoder;
PLC Console: 700mmx1000mmx300mm.