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Boltless Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine


This boltless wall panel roll forming machine was designed and built to produce the wall panels with the joint parts hidden or bolts hidden in the connection parts. We are expereinced in designing and building various types of sheet metal roll forming machines,such as boltless wall panel roll forming machine, joint-hidden roof panel cold roll forming machine and standing seam sheet roll forming machine etc.

Main Parts of The boltless wall panel roll forming machine;
Manual Uncoiler;
Feeding Guide;
Roll Former;
Hydraulic Cutting;
Hydraulic Pump;
PLC Control System;
Runout Tables;

Technical Parameters of the Boltless wall panel roll forming machine:
Raw Material: Prepainted Steel Coil (PPGI);
Width of Material:500-700mm;
Thickness of Material:0.4mm—0.8mm;
Coil Weight: 5 Tons
Roll Stations: 15 stations
Forming Speed: 10—12m/min
Material of Roller: High-grade 45# steel coated with hard chrome 0.05mm thickness.
Dia. Of Roller: 76mm
Material of Shaft: 45# Steel
Mode of Bearing: 6212
Main Power:7.5 KW
Tolerance of Length:+/-2mm
Dimension of the machine:8800mmx1000mmx1300mm
Weight of the Machine: 5.8 Tons
Hydraulic Cutting: Automatically cutting by the length/quantities set on the touch screen
Hydraulic Power: 4KW
Material of Cutting Blades: Cr12 Steel
PLC Control Box:700mmx1000mmx300mm
Touch Screen,Frequency Converter,Encoder are all Panasonic brand from Japan.