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37/42/55 PU Rolling Shutter Slat Door Production Line


Our 37/42/55 profile pu rolling shutter slat production line is a little bit different from 77&91 profile pu rolling shutter door making machine, because 37/42/55 pu rolling shutter slat door production line produces pu insulated rolling shutter slats with punched holes, and there are no holes required for 77&91 insulated rolling shutter door slats. Equipped with the pu rolling shutter door making machine is the PU Foaming machine and pneumatic stacking machine.

General Information of PU Rolling Shutter Slat Production Line:
Rolling Shutter Door Profiles
Top layer and Bottom layer are galvanized steel, and in the middle is the PU Board
The Width of the Products: 37/42/55mm(Only one profile in one line)
The speed of the line: 6—8m/min.
The dimension of the line:28mx1.5mx1.4m
The total Weight of the Line: 7 Tons

Components of the PU Rolling Shutter Door Production Line
3T Manual Uncoiler
Feeding Guide
Transmission parts
Roll Forming Machine
Heating Device
Foaming Machine
Hydraulic Punching system
Pneumatic Fly-saw Cutting
Control Parts
Runout Table

Technical Parameters for PU Rolling Shutter Slat Production Line:
Thickness of Sheets: 0.4mm—0.6mm(Galvanized Steel/Aluminum Coils)Production Speed: 8—10m/min.
Roller Stations: 38 stations.
Main Power: 7.5KW.
Diameter of Shafts: 55mm.
Transmission: gear-box or chain-brocket.
Motor Power for cutting: 3KW.
Electrical Control: PLC Control with frequency converter
Cutting Length Tolerance: 2mm.