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MTC is specialized in designing and building various metal roll forming equipment, such as metal roofing roll forming machines, steel purlin roll forming machines, drywall stud and track roll forming machines and rain pipe roll forming machines, and some other roll forming machine or cold roll former that clients required for speical usage. Apart from metal roll forming machines, we also produce the cold roll former auxiliary equipment, like crimping curved machine (making crimping curved roof panels mainly for sheds), simple slitting machine lines (making narrow steel strips), embossing machine lines, metal bending machine and metal cutting machine etc, insulated sandwich panel production lines are our third part of products, such as eps/rockwool sandwich panel production lines, and PU rolling shutter slat production lines etc.

The materail used for the body of roll formers are commonly 36# A3 H beam steel, high-class 45# steel are commonly used for the rollers of most metal roofing roll forming machines, and Gcr15 bearing steel will be applied to produce rollers for some heavy roll formers which handle with materials over 2mm thickness.

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Regarding the treatment of the the rollers, heating treatment is necessary for all kinds of materials (hardening, tempering and annealing), and for the rollers made of Cr12 steel, most of the time, rollers will also be sent out for chroming treatment (0.05mm thickness,sometimes 0.1mm thickness required, hard chrome will be coated on the surface of the rollers); for the rollers made of Gcr15 bearing steel, black oxide or blackening treatment will be applied.

Black Oxide or Blackening Treatment


Heating Treatment: Hardening, Tempering, Annealing

For the hydraulic station, we usually use Chinese brand products; for electrical motor, Chinese brand products also will be used, and for controlling/electrical unit for metal roll forming equipment, PLC computer control system is the most common system, and commonly Panasonic brand PLC, Omron brand encoder, domestic brand inverter and TounchWin HMI touch screen are commonly used, but sometimes clients would have their own prefered brands, like Bosch Rexroth hydraulic station, Siemens or Schneider motors, Siemens electrical parts,and Siemens PLC conotrol sytem as well. With PLC control system, clients would be able to operate the equipment or machinery both manually and fully automatically by inputting the required lenghts, qualitites, and punched holes specifications through the HMI screen. PLC control system is also applied for some auxilairy equipment and sandwich panel production line, like cirmping curved machine, metal sheet hydraulic cutting machine line and PU rolling shutter slat production line etc.

For the shafts or axles of the cold roll formers or roll forming machines, high-class 45# steel will be used, Cr12(MoV) steel wil be processed to produce cuting dies, and Cr12MoV steel is required for the production of punching dies. It's available that clients prefer to use Cr12 steel or Cr12MoV steel to make forming rollers.

36# A3 H Beam Steel

PLC Control Diagram

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