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By rollforming, Dec 8 2015 09:09AM

Roll forming machines are very important for manufacturing a variety of precise items and metal rolls for roofing and cladding purposes. With the increase in demand of the best roofing tiles, companies are seeking the best roll forming machines for manufacturing products of best quality. Therefore, companies of the roll forming industry are also becoming popular.

By rollforming, Mar 8 2014 08:39AM

We finished the production of this wall cladding roll forming machine which produced the wall cladding sheets with joint parts hidden, so it was known also as hide-joint wall panel roll forming machine.

By rollforming, Feb 18 2014 07:59AM

This roll forming machine was designed and built to produce 914profile roof cladding sheet from the raw material with thickness 0.3-0.8mm, width 1250mm and the yield strength to be 550MPA.

By rollforming, Sep 17 2012 09:49AM

MX-914 Roof & Wall Cladding Roll Forming Machine is designed for manufacturing the high quality roof & wall cladding. Our roof and wall cladding roll forming machine are driven by chain in hydraulic system.

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