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By rollforming, Aug 26 2016 05:23AM

MAXON is assembling a new quick-change c/z steel purlin roll forming machine which was designed to produce 100-300mm size steel c and Z channels from 2-3mm Galvanized steel materials.

This roll forming machine produces steel c and z channels completely automatically including roll forming, punching holes and cutting, but the manual operation is required to switch from C to Z (simple operation may take around 15 minutes), and to adjust different sizes (auto/electrical adjustment is optional and can be provided as per request).

c/z quick change roll forming machine
c/z quick change roll forming machine

Compared with separate C purlin roll forming machine or Z purlin roll forming machine, this machine can make both C&Z steel channels with variable sizes, it requires less operation space, and costs less money (than buying a c purlin machine and a z purlin machine). The only black side of this machine is less production capacity, because with one c purlin machine and one z purlin machine, customers can make both C purlin and Z purlin at the same time, while only C shaped beams or Z shaped beams can be produced only at one time on this c/z purlin quick-change roll forming machine, and it means as long as there is some breakdown in need of repairing, the production has to be stop for both C&Z.

Which solution is better for me, to get a c/z interchangeable machine or separate c purlin machine plus a z purlin machine? That depends, and you may find an answer at article: ALL-IN-ONE ROLL FORMING MACHINE VS MULTIPLE SINGLE LAYER ROLL FORMING MACHINES.

If you are interested in more information about our c/z purlin roll forming machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@mtc-china.com or call us at +86-21-67228332.

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