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Introduction of Cold Roll Former Rolling Tools Desiging

By rollforming, Apr 10 2019 07:09AM

If Controlling system is the brain of cold roll former, the rolling tool must be the heart. Whatever shape of rolling tool has been designed, it always roll forms sheet profiles in same shape.

Rolling Tool Design Process

The purpose is to form the desired profiles by minimizing the specified tolerance and forming stands. Too few stands will twist the finished products and too many makes a cold roll former not economical at all.

roll forming flower
roll forming flower

Roll Forming Stands

The first step of desiging is to calculate the number of forming stands and specify each stands details for bending. For example, the lips of a channel may need 3 or more roll forming stands and the bending process doesn't has to be once for all. It can form 30°,60°,90° at the first 3 stands or it can form 15° ,30° ,45° at the first 3 stands and 60° at the last stand in some cases.

Then, the machine designer or engineer will need to make a sheet forming flower drawing and forming details for each roll bending. The below profile can be bended either for middle wave first (continuous steel coils) or side waves (short steel sheets).

sheet roll forming
sheet roll forming

Rollers constitute a high proportion of the machine cost. Therefore, an expereiced machine designer or engineer is essential to a reliable cold roll former, not only quality reliable, but also cost reliable. Some designers may suggest too many unnecessary rolling stands, and it will get your a high-cost roll former. However, some other engineers may use too few forming stands and that will probably result in costly rollers rework, rollers replacement, high scrap, long assembled time, or having to discard the complete rolling tools. MTC has experienced designer and engineer and apply Copra RM Design Software for the desiging of roll forming machine so that the quality of our roll former can be well assured.

Flower Diagram

Take the below profile for example. When a machine designer is ready to design a cold roll former for the profile, he usually begins with the middle rib bending with two passes, followed with another three stands compatible for bending side lips. And finally another 5 stands will be used to bend the large flange legs. Then each pass will be separated and specified with roller details. Thanks to the help of software, the top, side and bottom rolls with 3D views can easily be generated. When the the flow of the material is reliable and technically appropriate, roll designing job can be started.

Flower Diagram

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