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By rollforming, Oct 15 2016 01:39AM

MAXON completed the manufacturing of a two-wave highway guardrail roll forming machine with independent forming stands instead of conjoint forming stands from 480mm width and 2-4mm thickness galvanized steel.

This roll forming machine was designed to produce 2 wave or W beam highway guardrails used in Indonesian markets. Instead of conjoint forming stands, independent forming stands were applied on this machine to ensure a more steady production and simpler maintainence, however the same as a conjoint-stands guardrail forming machine, this independent-stands guardrail roll forming machine consists a 5TON hydraulic decoiler, 7-rolling leveler, pnuematic and hydraulic punching unit, roll forming unit, gear-box and universal joint shafts transmission system, cutting system, hydraulic system and control system.

highway guardrail roll forming machine
highway guardrail roll forming machine

This independent-stands highway guardrail roll forming machine has 15 roll forming stands that are independent to each other and each stand is transmitted by a separate HT-180 type gear-box as well as a universal joint shaft. The whole machine is driven by a 30KW transducer gear motor. PLC control system (Panasonic or Siemens brand) is applied so that operator could run the machine and set required cutting lengths and quantities easily.

In the market or highway construction industry, the common guardails are 2 Wave and 3 Wave beams. We can design and build a roll forming machine that could produce both 2 Wave and 3 Wave on the same machine with independent forming stands structure as per request. If anyone is interested in getting more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@mtc-china.com or call us at +86-180-0195-8638

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