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Double Layer Roll Forming Machine Makes All the Differences

By rollforming, Jan 6 2016 06:39AM

Use of roll forming machines is common feature in the construction industry. There are several types of roll forming machines and each of them is used for specific task accomplishment. However it is necessary that the roll forming machine used is qualitative and it can perform the task for which it has been put to use well.

There are both single as well as double layer machines that are used for construction and other works conveniently.

Double Layer Roll Forming Machines

Usually the double deck roll forming machine is used for roofing sheet roll preparation and accomplishment of other such types of components. The machines are known also as double sheet roll forming machines in the industrial circle. It is one of the cold roll forming machines and they can conveniently produce two types of trapezoidal sheets for roofing. They can also produce two divergent types of trapezoidal sheets that are used for roof cladding. They can also help manufacture corrugated sheets for roofing purposes.

Features of Double Layer Machine for Roll Forming

Followings are the main ingredients of the double deck roll forming machine:

* One of the manual un-coilers;

* Feeding guider for effective use of the machines;

* Hydraulic cutting systems;

* Roll forming machine;

* PLC control system; and

* Run out Table.

Core Specifications of the Double Layer Roll Formers

Some of the core features of the double layered roll formers are that they usually use a number of roll former equipments and these include manual uncoiler with inner diameter in the range of 500-510 mm. The outer diameter is in the range of 1250-1270 mm. usual loading weight would be in range of 5 T. ideal roll former would have the speed of 8-12mm per minute and it would have forming steps in the range of 16 at the top layer and 18 at the range of bottom layer. Such machine has bracket wedded with 36 H Beam A3 Steel.

Materials used for Roll Making

One of the important aspects of using the roll former equipment is using the top quality materials for the purpose. It is necessary that high quality steel is used for forming the metal rolls. Usually 18 mm thickness of the sliding is good for the formation of the rolls in questions.

Various factors like material of the blade, hydraulic power, cutting length and others are relevant for best use of the roll former equipment but the expertise and experience of the service provider is very important.

About the Author

Dick Clemensis an expert on roll making equipment and different types of double deck roll forming machine, roll former equipment. Currently he is a professor of Engineering in a reputed university

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