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By rollforming, Jan 15 2016 08:15AM

People are changing life with the help of easily operable equipment. One such equipment that has helped people to get best-looking home is with the help of roll forming machine. Metal sheets are very hard to cut but now with the help of the machine, it is no more a difficult task.

By rollforming, Jun 24 2015 08:00PM

MTC completed the production of this roof panel roll forming machine which produces R101 metal roofing sheets and this kind of sheets are highly popular in Mexican market.

By rollforming, Sep 18 2014 09:18AM

After the client's inspection of trial running test, MTC loaded yesterday the metal roofing sheet roll forming machine into a 40ft container which will be shipped to Brisbane in Australia.

By rollforming, Sep 14 2014 08:19PM

After test of this G550 metal roofing sheet roll forming machine under the inspection of clients representative Mr. Peter Thong, chairman from MayCham China, this G550 Galvanized steel roofing sheet roll forming machine was ready for shipping to Australia in the end of the month.


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