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VII-Type EPS & Rockwool Insulated Sandwich Panel Production Line

By rollforming, Jan 23 2014 09:17AM

We have completed a VII-type insulated sandwich panel production line or 'S' joint type,'Z' lock type insulated sanwich panel machine line after 90 days hard working.

Brief Introduction of VII-Type EPS & Rockwool Insulated Sandwich Panel Production Line:

By this sandwich panel production line, clients would produce 6 different products (EPS & Rockwool roofing/wall sandwich panels) with hidden type connection or 'S' type or 'Z' lock connection. A little bit different from other insulated sandwich panel production line, there is a forming part for 'S' connection between EPS/Rockwool feeding table and main composing machine and the length of main composing machine is 10 meters.

The 'S' type or 'Z' lock connection part is the most difficult designing for the whole production line and because of the beautiful apperance of this kind of connection, this type eps or rockwool sandwich panels are highly popular in the international markets (honestly rockwool sandwich panels are more populare than eps sandwich panels due to the fireproof attribute)

eps/rockwool insulated sandwich panel production line
eps/rockwool insulated sandwich panel production line


Decoiling: Feeding of the material for bottom metal strip

Roll Forming: Producing the Bottom metal strip for roof/wall panel

EPS Feeding Table: Placing the middle part of the sandwich panel

Dripping glue onto top and bottom metal strips

Heating of strips for better adhesions of glue

Rolling edges of the strips

Connecting parts and roll forming together

Making slot (milling cutting to cut extra parts of EPS) of panels for specific length

Confirming length

Cutting adjusted by PLC touch screen.

Runout Table.

Thickness of Material: 0.3—0.8mm.

Width of Material: 1250mmMax.

Core material: EPS Board/Rockwool Slips

Power supply: 380V/50HZ/3PH

Total power: 42KW

Production line speed: 3-5m/min

Equipment overall dimensions: 48000mmx2200mmx2800mm

Product width:960mm-1100mm

Product thickness: 50-250mm

Annual output: 600 thousand square meters


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