A subsidiary of MAXON

Dedicated to being an expert in metal roll forming equipment !





MTC (Maxon Technology Corp.) is specialized in designing and manufacturing various roll forming machine, cold roll former machines and the necessary auxiliary equipment in China . With the development of the new age, MTC now represents the most advanced and innovative technology in its main products, such as roll forming machines, slitting and cut-to-length machine lines, hydraulic decoilers, and some auxiliary machines etc.


WE HAVE CE CERTIFICATE FOR OUR MACHINES AND PROVIDE 2 YEARS OR 5500 WORKING HOURS WARRANTY FOR OUR EQUIPMENT SINCE DELIVERY. In case of any damages or defects caused by the quality of our production technology, we will take in charge of any breakdowns within the warranty and we will provide duly service for maintenance in the whole life circles of the machines. Technicians will be sent to make installation and to train your craftsmen how to operate the machine until they can operate the machine proficiently.


Business Mission:  Make True Change.

True change will be made, not only said, to ensure that our customers would have a better experience with us.

Business Principles: Quality First, Service Next, and Money Last.

Only being greatly satisfied with the quality and service, would customers be pleased to buy one more time.

Business Values:  Coordination,Circumspection and Innovation.

There is no "I" in MTC, everyone being coordinated with each other, constantly circumspect and innovating ensures MTC designs and builds perfect products for customers..

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